What We Do?

01Music Copyright Staking Mechanism

The platform has created the first "music copyright Staking and mining" model in the music NFT industry, where users will receive additional revenue for pledging NFTs in the pledge pool. NFT holders can also participate in DAO community governance by holding NFTs.

02Convenient music NFT minting

It provides original musicians and artists with easy-to-use and perfect blockchain digital music infrastructure such as visual editors, diverse material libraries, and intelligent matching systems, enabling digital music creators to quickly and efficiently complete the creation and distribution of digital music NFT.

Music &NFT Platform

VoiceStreet is a music-based NFT platform with the goal of building Web3.0 on-chain infrastructure for intellectual properties mainly including Music all rights, Artists related IPs, Music derivatives NFTs, and NFT Gamification.

Developed the virtual IP Daffy Panda and Ark of Panda game. Music IP and gamification is a great value-added way to bring the traditional fan base of celebrities to get to NFT and essentially VS platform, Live house online concerts, DAO community, tokenized game items, celebrity IP co-branded virtual identities, etc. would be all great way for VS gamification to engage artists and their fan bases creating extra monetization vehicle for artists as well.

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Voice Street

Building The largest Music IP Derivatives NFT Platform

Voice Street is committed to being a global trading platform for digital music elements, providing easy-to-use and complete blockchain digital music infrastructure to digital music creators, and making digital music creation and releasing more efficiently and conveniently by building a NFT releasing stage for digital musicians.

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Music NFT Marketplace

NFT Copyright


Music All Rights Reserved


Derivative Music NFT Products


Music NFT Gamification Products


Ark Of Panda

Ark of Panda is a decentralized online role-playing game and community metaverse built on the VoiceStreet platform, with a collection of VS platform musicians playing for their dreams and holding online concerts to gradually own and expand their fan Dao community, tour the world within the game, and earn VSTs by releasing chart-topping records.

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Establishment of company

Players pledge tokens to obtain a certificate of incorporation, different pledges, different levels of certificate of incorporation, each level of revenue is different.

Bank Secured Loans

You can open an account to apply for a loan (pledged loan). At this point, you can pledge your quality assets to the bank and then the bank will lend you the money after reviewing it.

Game NFT prop trading

The wearable equipment and such props acquired by users in the game can be sold on the trading platform for NFT trading. At the same time, users can also buy their favorite game props on the platform. After acquiring, the props will be directly available in the game.

Music NFT Products

Players can create their own music in the game, and then sell the created music on the trading platform NFT. In this way to get the trading platform currency.

Leaderboard Achievements

Participate in player-run tournaments where you have the chance to win big prizes, and the leaderboards will use DAO and be judged by the players themselves. The person who arranges the contest decides how the contest will be won before it is officially launched. Other users can also give their favorite bands a better chance of winning by giving them a reward or a like.
Team Member

Ark Of Panda

Daffy Panda Ganging Up


Daffy Panda Ganging Up is a limited edition NFT series developed based on a music game that encourages users to create their own and combine hundreds of musical elements licensed from the music platform Voice Street. Each Daffy Panda NFT is the only pass to enter the music game Ark of Panda.

Daffy Panda is limited to 10,000 hairstyles, through the generation of skin color eyes, headwear, accessories, props, clothing, characters, and other multi-dimensional image attributes by independent artists, with GameFi "Ark of Panda" automatically generated containing music genres, props, character attributes, identity and other game attributes. Each Daffy Panda is unique and has a high collection value. Owning a DPGU will earn you an invitation to the Ark to become one of the Daffy Pandas through genetic modification, board Noah's Ark, and have the right to explore and inhabit the planet utopia.

Invitation Qualification

Receive 5% of the invitee's income

DPGU Privilege

Get 5 attributes for the game

DPGU earnings

The first token airdrop

DPGU City Revenue

Access to tax revenues provided by other cities

DPGU Showcase

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Creators/IP DAO Autonomous Community

IPs', music creators, artists and their fan supporters can have increasing beneficial two-way interactions through the governance of DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization).!

Token Economy

# Token allocation Proportion Total
1 Team allocation 10% 200000000
2 NFT staking and LP 25% 500000000
3 Gamification & Metaverse 30% 600000000
4 Early investors 15% 300000000
5 Incentivize quality music creation 5% 100000000
6 Partner & Advisor 5% 100000000
7 DAO 5% 100000000
8 Ecosystem 5% 100000000

The Team

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Chief Strategy Officer

MBA from Stanford´╝Ť Founder & CTO of Ez2get merged with Grubhub Founder & CEO of Office General.
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Zaigham Chaudhry

Chief Executive Officer

15 years of experience as a full-stack developer and complex system architect. Former executive of software development at Morgan Stanley.
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Pedro Fernández

Chief Marketing Officer

Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
20+ years in finance and startups across the world. Former Credit Suisse and Lehman Brothers.
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Allen Tan

Chief Content Officer

Top Asian executive including Warner Music, Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel, Caviar Culture Evangelist.
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Jason Stelzel

Head Of Partnership

Senior Consultant at XPlatform Consulting Previously Music Composer at Warner Bros. Entertainment.
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